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Stress Less Program

The Natural Way Health Clinic is pleased to offer customized clinical Stress Management programs designed by our Naturopathic Doctors. Maintaining good health requires that you attend to your mind as well as your body. Negative thoughts and moods can affect you physically, just as pain, stiff joints and muscles can affect you emotionally. To offer a more balanced approach, our Stress Management Program addresses the physical aspects of stress and anxiety, and also strives to change the types of attitudes and behaviors that may be contributing to your stress. Our Stress Management Program incorporates healthy eating, mental/emotional counseling, appropriate herbal medicines and nutritional supplements, physical activity and relaxation techniques.

Contact the Natural Way Health Clinic if you would like to learn more or if you would like to book one of our Naturopathic Doctors to present our Stress Management lecture.


  • Initial Naturopathic Assessment + 3 follow up visits
  • 3 Acupuncture treatments
  • 2 Bio Impedance Analysis (to monitor the effects of stress)
  • 2 vitamin C tests
  • Screening Urinalysis testing
  • 2 Adrenal Gland tests
  • Stress Less Program manual

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