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Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND)
The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) is the national association for licensed Naturopathic Doctors across Canada.

Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND)
The Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) provides leadership, advocacy and support for the profession in Ontario.

Established in 1950, the OAND is a voluntary professional association representing 80 percent of Ontario’s 755 registered naturopathic doctors, through government, media and public relations BDDT-N.

The Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy - Naturopathy
The BDDT-N, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in council, is responsible for public protection in Ontario with respect to the practice of Naturopathic Medicine. In order to practice Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario Naturopathic Doctors must be registered with the BDDT-N.

Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA)
The OCA represents Ontario’s chiropractors. Established in 1929, the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) is a voluntary professional association whose mission is to serve our members and the public by advancing the understanding and use of chiropractic care.

The Canadian Chiropractic Association(CCA)
The CCA is a federated association representing the chiropractic profession in Canada through the co-operation and co-ordination of information and programming among its provincial divisions.

Registered Ontario Massage Therapist Association (OMTA)
The ROMTA is the professional voice of massage therapy in Ontario. Established in 1936, the ROMTA is a member driven, not-for-profit association that provides leadership for and advocates on behalf of the profession. The ROMTA provides information and programming that encourages professional growth and high standards for massage therapists and promotes the profession to the public, government, business and other professions.

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