The Natural Way Health Clinic

Mini Cleansing Program

3 weeks

The Natural Way Health Clinic is pleased to offer customized clinical detoxification programs designed by our Naturopathic Doctors. Detoxification programs involve dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce the intake of toxins while also improving the body’s elimination of toxins. Our targeted programs support all of the organs involved in the detoxification process to provide simple, gentle, and effective cleansing that improves overall health and well being. Detoxification is the process of either clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing (transforming) them. Detoxification is a process that occurs naturally in our bodies, but due to the number of toxins and chemicals in our food, water, environment, and through our body’s natural metabolism, these toxins build up over time. If you experience poor digestion, constipation, reduced liver function, or poor elimination through your kidneys, respiratory tract, or skin, you may be at risk for increased accumulation of environmental toxins. We understand that in today’s world, a busy lifestyle can make elaborate cleansing programs challenging, so we have designed our programs to include everything you will need to fulfill your detoxification needs.

Contact the Natural Way Health Clinic if you would like to learn more or if you would like to book one of our Naturopathic Doctors to present our Detoxification lecture.


  • Initial Naturopathic Assessment + 2 follow up visits
  • 1 Canisters of individualized detox supplement formula
  • 3 Infra Red Sauna sessions with contrast hydrotherapy
  • 2 Acupuncture treatments (if desired, other options can be made available for those not wanting acupuncture)
  • 2 Bio Impedance Analysis (looks at body composition to help us monitor progress before and after cleansing)
  • 2 vitamin C tests
  • Program manual and support materials

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